"Never had I heard anything like it; it is the greatest impression of this kind I have ever had. It was very sensitive, very intense music, but also very precise and pure. I almost couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It was a refined power, like some sort of laser…."

—The late Sir Yehudi Menuhin, Master Violinist

"Master Elahi was an extraordinary musician. He never played in public, nor did he ever make any public recordings…. He played for me and it really opened up something within me. He played some music … and I cannot put into words what I experienced or felt … it was a great change in my life, my existence, and my thought."

—Maurice Béjart, Renowned Choreographer

"I met with a man of great spirituality who had achieved perfection in the art of tanbour. His music so overwhelmed me that I felt as though I no longer belonged to this world. Strangely enough, his music had intoxicated me such that for several days I would not pay any attention to my surroundings. When I finally recovered from this state, I asked myself: ‘How strange! If this is music, then what are the sounds that we usually hear?’"

—Musa Ma’rufu, Master Musician and Musicologist