Music for the Mind is a unique home-based sound stimulation auditory training program consisting of 4 specially developed CDs. Each CD contains six ten-minute progressive segments featuring the improvisational music of Ostad Elahi with added nature sounds. The program involves two 10-minute segments of headphone listening per day, six days a week, for a period of four weeks.

Co-produced by Advanced Brain Technologies and the Nour Foundation, the purpose of MFM is to naturally enhance the function of the ear and brain while providing a pleasing listening experience through the music of Ostad Elahi. Based on the science of psychoacoustics—the study of how humans perceive sound—the program combines unique psychoacoustic techniques with improvisational music and nature sounds to exercise both the ear and the brain. These auditory aerobics facilitate improvement in auditory tonal processing and ultimately improve communication skills, musical abilities, and learning potential.

In a pilot study with forty listeners conducted by Brainquiry, a company analyzing the impact of physiologically-based information on self-regulation and personal growth, overall feedback from the Music for the Mind program confirmed that listening is resulting in improvements in various cognitive and auditory domains.

Listening Logs
Use the weekly listening logs to rate your experience as you go through the program. Begin by circling the day and the corresponding track, and then rate your experience on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being the minimum and 5 the maximum) in three different areas: Energy level, Attention Level, and Serenity Level.

Weekly Listening Logs
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