Arguably the most beautiful of art forms, music has considerable effects on both our physiology and psychology. Indeed, the profound effects of music and its role as a therapeutic tool have been extensively studied and utilized in various forms over the centuries.

Music for the Mind (MFM) is a unique, sound stimulation auditory training program that will help to make profound changes in your life through the power of music and active listening. Based on the science of psychoacoustics and set to the captivating and intricate music of Ostad Elahi, a master musician and virtuoso of the tanbour (a sacred Kurdish lute), MFM enables you to develop your listening skills, restore your sense of peace and tranquility, increase your energy level, extend your attention span, and enhance your memory and concentration.

Focusing on the neurological effect of sound on the nervous system, MFM combines the latest psychoacoustic techniques with improvisational music and nature sounds to effectively and enjoyably exercise both your ear and your intelligence while sweeping you away on a magical journey to another time and place.