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Share Your Listening Experience
Julie from Long Island, NY:
Although it initially took some time to acquaint myself to the unusual sound of the tanbour, I soon began to feel a sense of relaxation and serenity when listening to MFM … within a few weeks, I was amazed at the improvement in my memory and how I could recall names, dates, and events with less difficulty than before…

Susan from Omaha, NE:
When I was first introduced to ‘Music for the Mind’ I was somewhat skeptical, to say the least. Only three weeks into the program, however, I began to feel a noticeable change in my attention span throughout the day, and I was more focused and mentally alert.

Jamie from San Diego, CA:
Having tried everything from special diets to motivational programs, I had always struggled against feeling tired and sluggish. So when a friend suggested I try ‘Music for the Mind’ I reluctantly agreed. After a few weeks, I found the daily listening sessions helped me to not only reflect on and understand the recurring patterns in my life, but also infused me with a new level of energy and vitality. Thank you MFM!